DI.se on K-Segg partner leaving

Administrator, Guy Lofalk is definitely earning his salary at the moment.
As if reorganising Saab wasn’t enough of a task to deal with, he’s now having to deal with the fallout and consequences of someone – still un-named at this point – leaving the Koenigsegg Group.
Dagens Industri did something we’ve all been waiting for for a long time now – actually spoke to someone. I can’t say enough about how good it is to finally hear something substantial from someone involved with this process.
The Googletrans, and thanks to Daniel in comments for the tip.
Abandonment threatens Saab reorganization
The final date for the reconstruction of Saab may be postponed further after one of the alleged buyers dropped out of.
“I had no information on the opt-out before the data came last Friday,” says the administrator Guy Lofalk. Lawyer Guy Lofalk and his team are now working in almost around the clock to be ready with their work.
“The days flow together, we work between 12 and 18 hours every day to get this together,” says Guy Lofalk.
But the question is whether they will succeed. According to the decision in Vänersborgs district court in May, so should it be closed on Thursday next week, August 20, but now hovers Guy Lofalk on the objective of the actual commerce to be ready until then.
“I do not want to comment on something if we are ready when or if we will require more time. Before we go out with any information, I want everyone involved to be agreed,” he says when di.se get a noticeably stressed Guy Lofalk on Monday morning.
Clearly, however, that the issue of funding behind the new, prospective, owners Koenigsegg Group is central. According to Dagens Industri, it is the American businessman Mark Bishop who got cold feet and dropped out of. Mark Bishop controlling 22.2 percent stake in Koenigsegg Group and Guy Lofalk came the news of the opt-out as a novelty.
“I do not want to comment on it closer but I did not know any of the data earlier,” he says.
In connection with the Saab got through his chords in May waived creditors 75 percent of the company’s liabilities of 8 billion. Interesting to note from the negotiations is that the State’s representative in the form of Tax was the only creditor that is not approved chord. This was due to uncertainties surrounding Koenigsegg Groups funding.
“They say they have money. But we have not received sufficient information to make a factual assessment of the situation,” said Mats Hagelin on Skatteverket in Gothenburg after the court hearing in Vänersborg.
The big question is now whether Saab will apply to extend reconstruction on August 19. Saab expected to exit reconstruction but this development has thrown a spanner in the works.
I believe that staying in recontruction requires Saab to pay their creditors within a week of a debt being incurred. Exiting reconstruction now that their debts have been re-negotiated and thereby get back on normal credit terms would be the favoured outcome.
Maybe the Chinese should have bought Saab after all. We’re certainly living by one of their proverbs – we live in interesting times.

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