Do you have an iPhone and would you want a Saab app?

This is just a quick straw poll.
I’m not considering trying to develop an app, just in case you’re wondering.
I saw this story over the weekend of a roadside assistance app that MINI have developed for US owners to download onto their iPhone or Blackberry.

MINI owners can now access roadside assistance with the touch of an icon
Woodcliff Lake, NJ – August 20, 2008… MINI USA announced today the introduction of a free app to MINI owners that allows access to roadside assistance with the touch of an icon. The new MINI Road Assist mobile application was developed by Allstate Roadside Services and is available for iPhone and select BlackBerry users. The app connects users to roadside assistance while automatically supplying the service provider with all relevant information about the vehicle, most importantly, its exact location.

The jury’s still out in my mind as to whether an app that focuses solely on your car’s propensity to break down is a good idea, but…….the notion of serving your young and hip clients this way sounds like a good one.
I don’t have an iPhone, but I get enough emails with “sent from my iPhone” written in the footer to know that they’re very popular.
If you’ve got one, would you want some sort of similar app from Saab? Or a different app?
What kind of Saaby app would you want?
Saab’s market researchers are quite possibly reading the funny pages this right now, so fire away.

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