Eker: on Saab and marzipan

This article actually came out last week but I’m publishing it now for three reasons.

  1. Stig, from Tokyo, has provided an excellent translation, and
  2. I’m kind of fascinated by Eker’s apparent fondness for cake.
  3. Oh, and it’s also got some news-type opinion about the Saab sale process from one of the men right in the middle of the whole deal. I guess that’s important, too.

The article originally appeared in Fredrikstad Blad, a paper from Eker’s home town.
Here’s the translation, with thanks to Stig.
Bard Eker: The purchasing process will last until the end of the year.
Bard Eker and the Koenigsegg Group thinks the purchasing process will last until the end of the year, but the Fredrikstad citizen is convinced that it will end with (the Koenigsegg Group) purchasing Saab.
Last Monday it became known that the Koenigsegg Group has signed a binding agreement with General Motors concerning the purchase of Saab.
Among other things, Bard Eker and the Koenigsegg Group are now working on the financing aspects.
– It is a long process, and there are lots of pieces of the puzzle that has to be put in their right location. This was (just) one of the pieces, Eker says to f-b.no.
Cannot have any marzipan cake yet
Eker underlines that he is convinced that this (process) will go it’s full course, but he does not think that the purchase will be fully completed until a bit into next year.
– The process will take its time until the end of the year. We cannot pop the champagne cork or have any marzipan cake yet, but I am fully convinced that this will go well, he said.
He does not think there is any danger in that the process will take a long time.
– This is a complex thing, he says.
He says that the media has twisted a lot of the truth.
– It is very important to keep the lid shut. It does not help the process when completely unbelivable things are written, he says.
A lot of people want to talk to Eker
NTB (Norwegian News Agency) wrote earlier today that the Koenigsegg Group’s agreement with General Motors concerning taking over the shares (stock) of Saab Automobile is another step towards creating an independend Saab, according to car (automobile) analytic Matts Carlsson.
After the news emerged that General Motors today have confirmed that they have signed this agreement, Bard Eker’s telephone have not been quiet for one moment.
– A few hundred people have been trying to get hold of me today, Bard Eker tells.
In line with Eker’s thoughts, I’ve started looking around for appropriate marzipan cakes (they take a while to make, you know) and found the following from a Swedish Bakery in Chicago.
It’s even in a Saab(like) color!!

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