Friday night snippets – Autoblog edition

Autoblog have had a couple of good articles in the last few days. Often it’s just recycled press releases with a personalised intro, but these articles are worth a mention.

If it’s direct-injected and sold in America, it’s on this list is exactly what it says – a comprehensive list of DI cars for sale in the United States.
If you want a summary condemnation of the GM years, there it is. That Saab, with it’s premium nature and technologival base, were never given access to a DI engine from GM seems beyond reason.
Actually, that list is at Winding Road, but I found it through Autoblog.

Autoblog also cover a NYT article on the necessity of systems like BLIS system developed by Volvo and used by Ford.
This system detects when something’s in the driver’s blind spot and sounds a warning to let the driver know.
I can see why the safety nannies at Volvo developed it and I can even see how some cars make use of it. But I also see many of these gadgets and gizmos as being the devil’s tools for making more and more lazy drivers.
I know I’m probably in the minority here, but just give me a machine I can engage, please. All I need is central locking, power windows and power steering. The rest (incl air) is just added weight.
Help was sought and help was received!
The last few days, I’ve been asking people to assist Tasmania Saabnut Drew B in dressing up the Saab 900 V6 that he’s going to use as a mobile advirtisement for the spare parts business he’s running on the side.
J-Fan has risen to the occasion with a very good design idea:
That might be a little larger than what Drew was thinking, but the idea is right on the money IMHO.
I particularly like the idea for the design on the hood:
Of course, this livery was inspired by the early Saab 900 Pikes Peak car, which was auctioned earlier this year by General Motors.
I’ve passed the idea on to Drew. We’ll see what happens, but I reckon there’s something worth exploring there.
Well done, J Fan and thanks for the efforts!
This has been an extraordinary week both from a Saab blogging and from a day job point of view.
There have been a number of emails received that haven’t been covered on site yet, nor that have been responded to. My apologies for that. I will try to either cover or respond to everything in the next few days.
Thanks very much for the continued support, and thanks for your understanding.

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