GM to drop Canadian Saab dealerships Dec 31?

This one still has a question mark on it as we’ve not heard anything official, but here’s what just popped into my inbox from a Canadian reader:

Just heard it from my dealer. GM is closing all Saab and Saturn dealerships in Canada effective Dec 31. My dealer is looking for another brand to carry, but it’s not looking good. GM pulled their Pontiac franchise earlier this summer.
I guess the fine print on the K-segg contract did not include distribution.
I don’t know if this applies to the US or other markets.

On one level, this comes as no surprise at all. GM have said that Saab will either be sold or dismantled by December 31st.
On the other hand, it’s a bit surprising that some sort of ongoing distribution deal isn’t included as part of the deal.
If true, then this means that Saab are going to need to find a new distribution line for the Canadian market, either establishing their own chain of dealerships (expensive and unlikely) or tapping in to an established distribution channel.
The other question is whether or not this will be echoed in other countries as well.
As an aside, I don’t know much about how dealerships work, so I’ll ask the question here….
What level of choice do the dealers have about this?
Is it a case where a GM dealer who wants to retain Saab on their lot is not allowed to sign a deal with Koenigsegg Group (or whoever) to do so?
Any knowledgable input welcome.

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