report Saab deal may be cracking – maybe….

Now here’s the problem you strike when you work with translations….. have written an article where, according to a Google Translation, they imply that the Koenigsegg Group may be splintering or changing. According to the translation, some of the prospective owners may be about to “jump off”.

Needless to say, this could be a very important development, so accuracy is pretty important here.

Here’s the Googletrans, and here’s the original story at if anyone would care to clarify what are saying.

Eric Geers seems pretty clear at the end there, that he hasn’t heard anything of this. I just hope Joran Hagglund is as clear in what he’s saying. Once again, if the only thing we hear from the government is dis-information, they’re really not doing anything to help Saab’s cause.

UPDATE: we now have an accurate manual translation in comments, which supports the theories suggested in the Googletrans and commentary. Thanks Börjesson!!


Saab Business can crack

Some of the prospective owners of Saab Automobile may be about to jump off. It states Jöran Hägglund on the Ministry of Industry, responsible for government negotiations.
Work with the sale of Saab Automobile is in an intensive stage. Ministry of Industry has been constantly updated over the summer about the process.

Now comes information that can split the whole affair. Yesterday, Secretary of State had Jöran Hägglund, who is the government’s chief negotiator in the automobile industry, reached the alarming information that suggests an imminent abandonment. This is when the GP asks for clearer picture of the prospective owners, the persons Koenigsegg Group, which Jöran Hägglund responds:

– We have met them. We are trying to get as good a picture as possible to … I think there is some change to the club.

Jöran Hägglund says it is working to get a confirmation:

– But there are those who do not like to be seen. They see clearly that what happened so far has been too much. So it is being be no change.

Koenigsegg Group has, as shown in the Swedish data, five executives, where Christian von Koenigsegg is President. Chairman is the American Augie K Fabela. The Board of the rest of the Norwegian Bård Eker and American Mark Bishop. Deputy Director is the American Melissa Schwartz.

Ever since they became public through the Swedish companies have researched who the persons behind Koenigsegg Group really are. Not least, it has questioned whether it might have the capital ….needed to run a car industry of Saab size.

If Jöran Hägglunds data happens, has this attention has become too much for someone, or some in the group.

One of the more ambitious reviews of Koenigsegg Group made by TTEla, the local newspaper in Trollhättan. TTEla believe that many threads, despite three Americans on the Board of purchasers, leading to Russia where Fabel built a fortune from telecoms company Vimpelcom, which he led together with the Russians Dmitry B Zimin. When this Russian company introduced on the New York Stock Exchange Melissa Schwartz participated in the work to make the stock price.

Saab informationschef Eric Geer says the GP when he hears the information from Jöran Hägglund:

– That is nothing I have information on.

Negotiations between GM and Koenigsegg Group is, by all appearances, in an intensive stage, perhaps a final stage.

It is a sensitive part of the hearing – and the less sensitive is not because part of the purchasers clearly not comfortable with even the little spotlight that made it this far.
Jöran Hägglund waiting for clearance:

– Reasonably, it is so next week needs to learn from them about the plans and others.
GP has sought Koenigsegg Group for a comment.

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