Hägglund speaks (again) about Koenigsegg’s lack of information

Not content with the damage he’s already done to Saab’s public perception and reputation today, Jöran Hägglund has given an interview to E24.se where he speaks almost extensively about doubts concerning the Koenigsegg Group and their bid for Saab.
Some Googletrans snippets:
When it became clear that the bidder on the Saab was Koenigsegg Group Maud Olofsson said that she did not know if they had enough financial muscle to implement the deal. Do you know that now?
– We can ‘t say that we have a complete picture of. They may well have the business plans they want, but there must be a credible financing. And we do not have a complete picture of their economic muscles.
In short, it sounds like you have a very poor picture of the potential buyers’ access to capital?
– We have given Riksgälden mission to discuss conditions for the state guarantee and includes to have full collateral.
He sounds almost measured in his remarks, but he knows that his words will be magnified in print and the undertone of his message is this:
Saab are weak.
Koenigsegg are weak.
With negotiations continuing and all direct parties bound by confidentiality, and with the government’s responsibility to not only spend taxpayer’s money wisely, but also to try and protect and re-build Swedish industry and jobs, what does he think he’s doing?
All he had to do when E24 called was say “no further comment”.
Note to Koenigsegg Group…..
You need to call a press conference. This is almost getting to a critical stage now.
Assuming it’s Bishop who’s jumping ship, you need CvK, Eker and Fabela sitting together at a table, with either CvK or Fabela reading a statement.
Here’s your text:
Press reports today of a party leaving the Koenigsegg Group are accurate. Mark Bishop, one of the shareholders in the Koenigsegg Group has decided for personal and business reasons to concentrate his work in his native United States. This will have no material impact on our ability to purchase Saab Automobile and we press ahead with the intention of doing so.
We are distressed somewhat by remarks made by the Secretary of the Industry Ministry, Mr Hagglünd as we feel that these remarks have prejudiced our position and tainted the public’s perception of Saab Automobile.
The people of Sweden should know that we are very serious about our potential ownership of Saab Automobile. For reasons of commercial confidentiality, we cannot and will not feed speculation about our funding or resources. All that we can do tell you that we are strong, we are serious, and we intend to purchase Saab and rebuild the company as a strong, Swedish entity.
Questions will not be taken at this time. We continue our negotiations with General Motors, which are commercial-in-confidence, and intend to have these negotiations completed in the very near term.
The people and government of Sweden should look forward to the Frankfurt Motor Show in September with anticipation. The debut of the new Saab 9-5 and it’s production, which Saab will bring back to Sweden to preserve current Swedish jobs and create new Swedish jobs, should be a cause for celebration.
Thankyou, and we hope to see you all again soon.

No charge for that, gents. Just think of me at Christmas.

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