Hägglund tones down talk on Koenigsegg

Yesterday’s big story was the potential departure from the Koenigsegg Group of one of it’s partners. The story was based on words from the Secretary of the Swedish Industry Ministry, Jöran Hägglund.
Hägglund’s words themselves weren’t as damning as the report that first broke them. GP.se claimed that the departure of an as-yet unnamed party (I think it’ll be Mark Bishop) meant that the entire deal was in trouble.
In an article in TTELA today, Hägglund appears to be making attempts to hose down that particular hot spot.
The Googletrans:
A person in Koenigsegg group is about to withdraw from Saab affair. So confirms statsekreterare Jöran Hägglund for TTELA.
– But there is nothing that will affect the deal and Saab’s development, he maintains.
Jöran Hägglund, who is the government’s chief negotiator in the automobile industry, points out that he never stated that an early investor in Koenigsegg group could lead to a possible break in the Saab affair with Koenigsegg. He plays down the interview he failed to [correct?] Göteborgs-Posten, where it is suggested that the change could stop the deal. However, the Hägglund that it can “come to be some changes to the club.”
But there is nothing that will affect the deal. We are working feverishly to complete it,” he says, but refuses to disclose who in the Koenigsegg, which has plans to back out.
That’s the sort of stuff I wish he’d said in full, in the first place.
It’s good to see he’s provided some balance today, but I fear the horse may have bolted just that bit further in the public’s mind.
Meanwhile, in SvD, a writer asks what he rightly terms ‘the obvious question’

But let us begin with the most obvious question: Why don’t the Saab buyers introduce themselves properly? Why are they not [holding] a press conference where they are – of course without revealing all – and develop the basics of how to save and, above all, Saab says the money that really is behind. [If the deal is completed], they can tell more then.

This one’s a good read, actually, covering all the political and practical bases.
The bottom line as to why things are so quiet – we don’t know.
Thanks to several people for the link!

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