Help needed! Timing gears for Saab V4

If you’ve been reading this site (and TS) for a while, then you’ll have heard of Drew B. He’s another Saab nut here in Tasmania, probably the nuttiest of all, actually, as he’s got a fleet of Saabs like few others.
He’s having some trouble with one of them at the moment, though, his yellow 1973 Saab 95 wagon.
The V4 engine’s timing gear got stripped about a month ago and sourcing a new set is proving rather difficult.
Here’s what we’re looking at.
The interesting thing about this gear set is that unlike the alloy gear at bottom-right, the other two of those gears you see are made of a dense fibrous material. This is how they were originally manufactured.
As you can see from the images, the fibre gears have finally stripped after many years of work, and it’s these fibre gears that Drew is trying to replace.
You can buy new gear sets for the V4 easy enough. It’s a Ford engine, after all, and there are a lot of parts still available out of Germany and in other markets, too.
Those replacement gear sets, however, are made out of alloy rather than the original fibre. Whilst the alloy gears might be a bit stronger in the long run, they’re also reputed to be a lot noisier, which is one of the reasons Drew would prefer the original fibre gears.
The other reason he’d prefer the original parts is …..well……. because they’re the original parts. That’s what Drew does, and it’s why his cars are so good.
V4 timing gear set.jpg
If you’ve got any leads on these original gear sets, please feel free to pass them on in comments or via email directly to me.

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