Koenigsegg-Saab to represent at Frankfurt?

There’s an article online at a German news agency and it sounds like the first inkling from a Saab source that the new Saab company might be presented at the IAA in Frankfurt.
The article is on pressportal.de and includes interview snippets with Bruno Klein, director of marketing and communications for Saab Germany.
UPDATE: Some Googletrans snippets with Bruno Klein quotes accurately translated by Till:
What’s in common beween the saab convertible, the Swedish Koenigsegg group, the IAA and the 9-5 NG?
There is no question: Summer and convertibles belongs together. Anyway the 9-5 Ng and the IAA too. And what Koenigsegg conglomerates with all of this you’ll read in this article…
With the perception is such a thing. We simply do not register some things, others jump to us almost in the eye. The fact that cars strike us in general immediately, lies anyhow in the nature of the thing. Nevertheless, the kind of the perception can be absolutely different with a car than with the other, although it concerns the same category. Michel Weyland has thought about it, why one perceives a convertible substantially stronger than another.
Do you know what is a selective perception? One perceives certain things much stronger than others. If we follow an example: Two convertibles meet you. Both look good, but only on one there stands Saab. And already think about that after what does itself, actually, just in Saab, because the enterprise is often currently in the media. You have already forgotten the other convertible against it. With it you make Bruno Klein, which manager Marketing and communication of Saab Germany, of course a big joy.
Saab has introduced on time by the spring the special model 9-3 convertible Special Edition. With this vehicle it concerns a special cabriolet that, on the one hand, by striking bumpers and 18 inches of rims and on the other hand by 2.8 V6 engine with 280 HP distinguishes itself.
280 HP are quite real sports-car values. With this thought the automobile insider is very fast with another Swedish car manufacturer who produces to one supersports-car and sells, on the other hand, however, also something wants to shop.
With regard to Koenigsegg I can say that recently a letter of intent has been signed with the Koenigsegg-Group that shall handle the purchase of Saab. Right now details are being discussed that have to be clarified when taking over a company. But it is to be expected that the takeover with a final contract will take place very soon.
In contrast to a row of other car manufacturers, Saab is also represented at the International Motor Show.
Yes, that’s right, Saab will be at this important automotive exhibition, we want to take the chance to present the new company Saab to the visitors and – above all – the customers.
Indeed, one will introduce there absolutely not only the new enterprise, finally, the International Motor Show visitors want to see there, primarily, cars.
On the one hand we will present the new company Saab and on the other hand we will show the 9-5 sedan. This car will have it’s world premiere at the IAA and the visitors who get to see it will surely be excited about it.
With this forecast Bruno Klein will also keep definitely right. For it also there speak the first photos which have been already published by Automobile professional magazines. And they signal above all one. The fact that one may count definitively further on Saab.
Firstly, thanks to Mark for the link, and to Till and ‘Me’ for the translation assistance.
Now……. am I reading too much into this?
Reports in Swedish news today state that Saab and Koenigsegg want to stitch up the deal by the end of September.
From TTELA – again, a Googletrans:

Recently, more and more wonders why nothing happens in the process of finalizing the agreement between GM and Saab’s prospective new owner, Koenigsegg group.
But the calm is deceptive as the people who TTELA have talked to. Arbetet löper enligt plan. The work runs according to plan.
– They are working on [it]. Soon it will hopefully be written in the paper with the new owners. But the date, I do not know,” says Anette Hellgren, klubbordförande the Union of the Saab in Trollhättan
Paul Åkerlund, klubbordförande for IF Metall in Saab, agrees.
– As far as I know with the contacts I had during the holiday floats it. It is approaching a decisive enough.
He points out that the longer the negotiations, the more parties become involved. This allows it takes time.
– I do not think that the definitive agreement will be available until September.
Saab informationschef Eric Geer is of the same view.
– It follows plans. A closure on the sale process in September, says Eric Geers.

If true, then this is both logical and welcome news.
Frankfurt is the ideal forum to make an announcement. The world’s media will be there and Saab will have the center stage with no competing announcements (some companies are scheduled for press time in competition with others – Saab isn’t).
And the fact that it might be welcome news shouldn’t need any explanation.

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