Latest Koenigsegg news from print news in Sweden

I just got an email in from Sweden, where it’s quite early in the morning.
It reads as follows:

Good morning / afternoon!
Just read an article in todays edition of the paper version of Dagens Industri here in Sweden.
I can’t write the entire article, but it said that Mark Bishop has sold his shares in K-segg group and that there is a new owner. The article also says that Augie Fabela is the leading person in K-egg group and that they had a meeting with Saab/GM last week here in Sweden.
Just wanted to give you that short notice.. to keep you updated. I haven’t found that article on the online-version of Dagens Industri, but if I do I’ll send you a link later.

I’ll keep an eye out. If you Swedes spot it online, please feel free to update us via comments.
Thanks to Carl-Henrik for the update!

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