Monday morning snippets – quotable edition

The Financial Times has a good summary article on the Koenigsegg Group’s bid for Saab and what they’d like to do with it.

….the agreement raised as many questions as it answered, not least how a tiny niche manufacturer with 45 employees could turn round a mass-market carmaker that GM could not make profitable in two decades.
Mr Koenigsegg insists the answer is simple. As part of the GM behemoth, Saab never received the attention it needed.
He said: “It was very difficult for Saab to have a clear vision for the future and fine-tune its products. We will unleash the creativity within Saab and allow them to do what they’re good at.”
Just as Koenigsegg sports cars offer an individualised alternative to rivals such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, he wants to re-establish Saab as the quirky, niche brand of its 1970s-80s heyday. “It is a more personal and unique brand [than other carmakers],” he says. “It should be a statement in itself.”

Amen, brother.
And Tompa produces a quotable quote in comments …..

What Koenigsegg must do is put the cards on the table. To show their financial strength. But then…..
Please Merbanco, look into a deal with Koenigsegg. They have the enthusiasm needed to make Saab prosper and become Saab again. On top of that they have enough tech skills to produce their own V8 and one Heck of a supercar. Combined with Saabs strenghts this could all become something like the turnaround of Audi in the mid 80´s… Only better. Why not be a part of all this?
You are Saab fans, please show it in direct support.

Amen, brother.
Moving away from quotes….
There’s a guy on Flickr named Public Class who posted the following image with a very interesting caption:

All movie material is being recorded for the new campaign for Saab 93-X. Keep an eye out, the the campaign will probably be online in a couple of days!

Well done to our Unofficial Saab Ambassador in the UK, Robin M, for scoring this convertible as a restorer over the weekend. The lady owner was pleased to let it go for a token price on the promise that it would be taken care of and returned to some former glory.
Incidentally, Robin has over 12,000 images on Flickr. Absolutely amazing!
The Opel deal still isn’t done, with GM, the Opel Trustees Board and the German Government still butting heads on who’s going to get the nod.
Here’s a good summary.

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