Monday Snippets – ordering problems edition

Whilst there’s one dealer in Sweden advertising the Saab 9-3x with pricing, dealers in other parts of the world are having troubles ordering cars. Over the weekend, I head from two North American dealers stating that GM won’t take any Saab orders from them for the time being.
One of them, in the US, states that Saab and Hummer are both in the same situation, being counted out of their ‘consensus’ ordering for the next month.
The other, in Canada, hasn’t been provided with a 2010 Vehicle Ordering Guide as yet, adding that it mightn’t be until the end of Septeber that things start to normalise.
Are these what we might call birth pains? I hope so.
Can you figure a solid connection between Saab and the Hudson motor company of the 1950’s?
If so, Hemmings is the place to let your knowledge shine.
They have a sime-regular column called Six Degrees of Automotive Separation and over the weekend, they asked readers to figure the link between Saab and Hudson.
Thanks Ted Y!
I wrote about a recent event in Belgium last week, invloving many Saab 9-3 convertibles and the Saab Performance Team strutting their stuff at Spa.
There’s some great video here.
If you like seeeing a classic Saab in picturesque locations, click here.
And if you’re wondering about that graphic on the hood in the image, above, then I think it has something to do with the owner……
Thanks Jerome – a beautiful car!

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