Monthly site statistics – July 2009

It’s a new month and that means it’s stats time!
Car sales numbers will be released for the US and Sweden in the next 24 hours. Did the US market meet it’s target of 600 vehicles? Did it even manage to creep up past 500 vehicles? (they weren’t there with a day to go)
All will be told soon.
But before we get to all that, let’s take a look at the monthly traffic here at SU. It was a busy month once again due to the magazine images of the Saab 9-5 breaking cover, although it wasn’t quite the blockbuster that we had in June, when the K-Segg anncouncement and 9-5 CGI’s gave us a double-whammy of big events.
There were just over 346,000 pages served at Saabs United in July 2009. These pages were served to 52,760 individual users around the round world.
The top 10 cities are interesting in that Detroit seems to have lost interest not only in Saab, but also in Saabs United.
Detroit was #5 on this table last month, and has now slipped off the list all together. In fact, the highest ranking US city is New York at #10. Perhaps it’s a touch of Augie Fabela’s interest via the Koenigsegg Group that sees Moscow up at #8 on the list?
The United States is still the #1 ranked country, however, with a decent mix of European nations (and Australia!) following on from there.
This list is interesting because it gives an insight into where people who are looking for Saab information are based. It’s interesting therefore that neither France or Spain made it into the top 10, though it’s good to see Germany high on the list.
As always, we say hello to some special visitors…..
Our southern-most visitors came from Christchurch, New Zealand (who only just beat out people in southern Tasmania!)
Our northern-most visitor came from Barrow, Alaska and only narrowly beat out (less than one degree of latitude) a visitor from the brilliantly named Hammerfest, in Norway.
And greetings to all you folks hanging around Frankfurt, where there’s going to be plenty of Saab activity in the coming months.
There were 139 new entries here at Saabs United during July 2009.
The number of comments at Saabs United now stands at 17,473 in total.
And finally, here’s a new stat for ya (that was written in my best Sarah Palin hand in honour of our friend in Barrow).
Unfortunately, 46% of users are still browsing this site on Internet Explorer, which I like to refer to as the GM of internet browsers.
It’s interesting to see the number of Google Chrome users rising. I used it myself for a week last month whilst I was away with the laptop and it’s quite OK.

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