More about the Saabs United Historic Rally Team

A few days ago, i wrote what I guess you could call the official introduction to the Saabs United Historic Rally Team. It gave you the what, when and who.
I guess you could call this the unoffical introduction – they why.
Thumbnail image for Saabs United Historic Rally TeamThe decision to play a part in sponsoring this team was pretty instantaneous. Jörgen popped the question and I answered in the affirmative with my next email. I must have been on a good thing because as soon as I mentioned it to my US-based co-pilot here, Eggs n Grits, he responded the same way and my email to him wasn’t any sort of solicitation, it was just to let him know what was going on.
So why are we doing this?
I can’t speak for Eggs, but for me, this sort of thing is the epitome of what this website and my own personal love for Saabs is all about.
The 99Turbo
I loved my Viggen, but my favourite Saab of all time and the car I’ve had the greatest attachment to from my own experience is my old white 99Turbo. I love the 99s lines, it’s simplicity, the funky interior, the snub nose, the hatch – everything.
Most of all I love the place it holds in Saab’s history – as the vehicle that started the whole turbo revolution. My love for Saabs grew in large part because of my love for the Turbo rush. This is the Saab that started it all.
The chance to participate in an historic motorsport event and restore an old 99T to glory is one that I just couldn’t say no to. It’s a story I’m going to love telling.
The Rally to the Midnight Sun.
Second to the car is the event itself.
The Rally to the Midnight Sun was THE Swedish rally back in the day. This is an event that plenty of Saabs won over the years and it’s written large in the Saab history books.
How could you turn down a chance to participate in such a meaningful event that is held in the country that produced this great marque?
The Experience
I’ve made some great friends in the time I’ve been writing this site, but the fact remains that blogging is a fairly solitary road to travel (in human terms). I’m not complaining as I love the medium, but it does involve a LOT of hours in front of the keyboard.
This site has given me a great insight into Saab as a company and Saab as a culture, but occasionally you’ve got to stop tapping the keys, reading the words, thinking the thoughts – you’ve got to get out there and DO SOMETHING.
I can’t imagine a better ‘something’ to be involved in. To be part of a team, doing my small bit to help build up one of my favourite Saab models of all time, for an event in a place that I’ve loved visiting, an event that crystalizes Saab’s glory days – does it get any better than that?
And if you think the chance to meet legends like Stig Blomqvist et al in person isn’t a decent bone for a Saab dog like me, then you’re kidding yourself!
The team
I’ve noted Jörgen’s cars and events for a while now so I knew already, when he emailed me, that he was a real Saab guy at heart. I didn’t know Bo at all before this, but his credentials are incredibly impressive and I can’t wait to meet the both of them in person.
Having Eggs on board with this venture is the icing on the cake. We’ve never met in person. We’ve only spoken on the phone once, but his generosity of spirit and (like Jörgen) Saab-heart have always meant a steady hand at the tiller and a good ear when it’s needed. To share this journey with him and be over there as part of the team together is going to be a highlight of this adventure.
SaabsUnited in action
I guess most of all, this is a chance to do something that’ll be fun, inspirational, and of course, a great story.
This site is about people loving Saab cars. It’s about experiences. The joy of man and Swedish machine.
Playing a part in this team, building that car and doing my little bit in getting it across the line will be like putting flesh on those bones.
Bring it on!

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