More from Jöran Hägglund on the state of Koenigsegg Group

Sëë, I’m üsïng ümläüts nöw!
—— has got some more information from Jöran Hägglund about the story that appeared in first thing this morning in Sweden. The story indicated that someone from the Koenigsegg Group may be leaving the consortium, placing the Saab deal in dangerous waters.
Hägglund seems to be tracking just a little from implications that raised in their story. They took the possibility of someone leaving the Koenigsegg Group as an indication that the whole deal could be sunk. Hägglund doesn’t indicate that this is the case.
Cue my Googletrans

Do you think that the timing of Saab’s sales will be held, or will change in the Koenigsegg group to delay the deal?
– No, I do not think, but then it is an extremely tough and tight schedule. Just because I know that they work extremely hard, both from the vendor GM’s side and the buyer. We shall see, it’s an extremely tight timetable. But everyone knows about it, they are the conditions they work under.
Is it too far-reaching conclusions to draw that the deal could crack because of the opt-out?
– Yeah, I guess.
So Saab affair is not under threat?
– No, not this. Then it is to the schedule a strained situation, but I know that all work hard to achieve. It is clear that we hope that they do.

So it seems clear from Hägglund’s statements that someone is leaving the Koenigsegg Group, though he won’t say who it is.
The players:
CvK – unlikely. He’s the front man for the whole shebang.
Eker – unlikely. Ties with Koenigsegg too close IMHO, but then business is business.
Fabela – Possible, but we better hope not. If I’m right, then Fabela is the key here, the one bringing the money.
Bishop – Possible, and maybe more. Has come under the most scrutiny due to unpalatable money making off subprime loans. Might be under business pressure in this sector as well.
Schwartz – Who knows. Possible. Maybe she’s too busy at law and too remote.
My bet is that if someone’s leaving, it’s Bishop.

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