More on the coolant expansion tank ‘recall’ for V6 Saab 9-3s

I wrote yesterday about a customer service recall (“campaign 15460”) that had been issued by Saab and noted at Saab Central.
I’ve received a couple of emails since, which have helped clear up the nature of the issue.
First of all, it’s important to stress that this is not a safety recall of any sort. This is a customer satisfaction campaign – it’s Saab noticing there’s a problem with the car and doing a voluntary campaign to replace the faulty part.
Kudos to Saab for that.
Second, last night I was unsure as to whether this was just a US campaign, or whether it was a wider initiative. It is definitely the latter. Here in Australia, Saab sent out a letter last Friday to owners who may be effected by the issue (namely, anyone with a V6 model 9-3).
Finally, I’ve also received a copy of the original Saab notice about this fault and the campaign they’ve got underway to rectify it.
Click to enlarge:
Saab Australia have stressed to me via email the importance of ensuring your customer details are up to date on their databases so that they can let you know when campaigns like this are underway (which hopefully, they won’t have to do often).
If you buy a new car, they should have your information already. But what if you’ve moved house since then? It may be time to update your info.
Even if you buy a 2nd hand Saab, you can still have your details placed on their customer database in so that they can keep you in the loop if need be. It also helps at service time, too, as they’ll have your VIN and will know exactly what parts to order for the car.

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