My 2 cents on the 2010 Saab 9-5

Talk about a tough audience!
It would be publishing suicide for me to tee off on some of the individual comments made about the official 2010 Saab 9-5 details that we’ve seen today. But suffice to say, you guys must love Saab more than your own kids to judge this car so harshly having only seen a few pics and a little information. Let it breathe a little, people. Let it breathe.
Personally, I want to (finally) express my gratitude to Saab for coming up with what I think looks like an absolute winner as a flagship vehicle for the company.
This is not a drag car, a track demon, or a potential winner of the traffic light grand prix. This is a top of the range Saab that I’m quite sure will deliver in terms of comfort, space, safety, amenity and when pushed, the sporting models will deliver the driver focus that we’ve all been hoping for.
More than that, though – it’s a brand new, all new Saab!!!
I’ve been writing about Saabs since February 2005 – around 6,000+ articles – and this is the first time I’ve been able to say that about an official press release from Saab.
Here’s the pic I love the best….
You may know by now that I like my cars a little sportier instead of conservative, and this pic is certainly making my racy-o-meter go Schwingggg
But we already knew what the car looked like, didn’t we?
What’s impressed me is the amount of gear they’ve packed into it. I do not think there’s much there that’s not on the market with one company or another, but the combination of full XWD along with some of the gear they’ve listed here makes for a formidable offering.
Here’s a partial list:
Head-up information display (Pilot HUD);
Adaptive lighting (Bi-Xenon Smart Beam);
Adaptive cruise control;
Saab DriveSense adaptive chassis with real-time damping control;
Keyless entry and starting;
Tri-zone air conditioning;
Dynamic parking assistance and Saab XWD with a rear eLSD
Add to that the groovy options for rear zone passengers in terms of both climate and entertainment and it reads like a car that’s going to offer people a heck of a lot.

We’re yet to see how many of these items will come standard and how many will be options, but I hope Saab can continue their practice of offering a lot of this stuff as standard when their competitors have it as options.
Maybe you’ve got some pretty high expectations, but for a kid from Melbourne who grew up in cars wholse luxury amenities included vinyl seats and an AM radio, this all sounds pretty good.
I guess the proof of the pudding will be in the tasting for the 2010 Saab 9-5. That means we’re all going to have to wait until a) we can see it in the metal, and b) we can drive one for real.
For me, the initial impressions are just sensational. I think the car looks typically understated by quite classy. It’s got a definite Saaby pedigree to it, but in a progressive style and most certainly with a sense of intent.
Is it possible to have an understated statement? If so, Saab just did it.
Numbers on paper are just that – numbers on paper. But they all look to be competitive, if not best in class in all instances.
Does that worry me? Not particularly. It’s nice for bragging rights at the pub, but the more important thing is the whole package and how it fits together to forge a whole driving experience. The fact that it might have a top speed that’s 5km/h slower than someone else is of no importance or concern. How it drives and rides in getting to a useful speed is.
Bottom line – this looks to be the best equipped and possibly the most ‘finished’ Saab we’ve seen yet – and it’s only the beginning.
One of the curious things for me is the question as to whether or not Saab have fired all shots in their chamber with this press release.
For example, there is a badge in those photos that shows an Aero with a little ‘4’ next to it. As we know the Aero only comes with a V6, that would indicate that the ‘4’ means 4-wheel-drive, or XWD.
No-one at Saab can deny the existence of the earlier photos that clearly showed a TTiD4 badge in the same style as the Aero badge we’ve seen today.
That clearly tells me there ought to be a TTiD model with XWD. Why it wasn’t mentioned today is a mystery, especially when there’s obviously been a car sitting in Trollhattan that they were happy for the automotive press to photograph.
My guess, and my hope, is that they’re saving a few special tidbits so there’s something new to talk about at the Frankfurt show.
Fingers crossed.
We’ve all got used to looking at things with a critical eye. Tensions seem to be pretty high right now due to the unstable situation surrounding Saab.
This is a great day for Saab, however. It’s a new vehicle, along with all the hope that comes with it. Yes, there’s a lot of water still to flow under the bridge, but let that be something for another day.
Today is the 9-5’s day and I’m pretty glad it came along.

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