Oh, the fun of home mechanics….

Put your hand up if you’re mechanically incompetent (raises hand from keyboard).
If you’re like me, then you should click through, read, and take heart from James M’s account of how he changed the water pump in his classic 1988 Saab 900 SPG.
I changed the oil, oil filter and air filter in my MX-5 a few weekends ago and it took a couple of hours (much of that just locating the oil filter). That’s how mechanically inept I am.
So the thought of taking on a job like a water pump is something I wouldn’t even contemplate. James mentions that he’s “a notorious cheapskate”, which was good motivation to try it himself. I’m not made of money, by any means, but in true Clint Eastwood style, I know my limitations.
There are some good reasources online that will help you do a job like this. James found a good 5-step guide online at the Saab site.
It sounds as if that was a good starting point, but what James ended up with is an insightful, humorous and entertaining read of how it’s really done.
James is 21 years old, and an editor at Car Throttle, which is where the article is published. If you’ve got a water pump job coming up and you’ve not done it before, go get enlightened.

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