On the road to the 99T….

As regulars here will know, I’ve recently purchased a Saab 99Turbo to restore. Unfortunately, that means I have to sell my Mazda MX-5 as the money needed to restore the 99 is all tied up in the Mazda.
After a lot of trouble getting half-decent photos (a conspiracy involving the weather and my camera batteries) the MX-5 is now advertised on the web, and I finally got the chance to get some really decent photos today.
As you know, I love sharing good photography and if I may be so presumptuous, I’d like to post a few pics of the MX-5 that were taken today.
There was a kind of special occasion going on as Drew B had just finished re-painting the back section of the roof for me. The hardtop had a couple of 1cm stonechips on the sides and some flaky paint on the strip at the rear. It now looks brand new again.
I only had one hardtop photo in the ad, so I went for a drive to a few favourite spots this afternoon to get a few more.
These last three are Drew’s handiwork. I thought there were more photos from my camera, but they fell victim to the camera conspiracy as well.
At this point, it’s been rubbed back and has just been primed….
And the two-pack applied, leading to the photos you see above. Another first class job from the house of Drew…..

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