Photoshoppers – help Kristjan paint his Saab 9000!!

Here’s a fun project for you photoshoppers out there.
I’m not sure why, but a Saab nut from Estonia named Kristjan is feeling the need to do something outrageous with what looks to me like a beautiful, black series 1 Saab 9000 (I have a real soft spot for these early 9000s).
Here’s the car as it looks today. Click to enlarge
Kristjan writes to me as follows:

Hey Swade. I’m trying to find the perfect color for my 9000, It’s an old CC body airflow. Saabs are known for A Wolf In A Lamb Skin style, but since I’m a bit different, I would like to make it so that it catches people’s looks. This is now going to be part joke and part reality….. There are a few guys in Saabsunited who can make fantastic pictures with photoshop. Maybe someone could help me out.

I’m not sure that it needs to be in the following color, but Kristjian has sent me the following mockup that he produced himself (the Castrol logo is just there to take up space and isn’t required).
Perhaps take it as an example of the eye-catching lengths that he’s willing to go to:
Photoshoppers – you have your assignment!!
If you want to mock something up, please feel free to download these photos, do your magic, and then send the results to me via email (
I’ll put up a gallery of the images received and hopefully Kristjan will have a good variety of ideas to choose from.
Personally, when I started thinking about this, I couldn’t help but get this car out of my head….
It’s certainly eye-catching…..

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