Product review – those little Saab wheel nut covers

David from Saab Australia was inspired to send me these little plastic wheel nut covers after he saw this photo of my old Viggen’s wheels, which I linked to a little while ago.
Doing a quick product review of something as basic as wheel nut covers might seem a little rudimentary to you, but I didn’t know about them before so I figured maybe some others don’t know about them either.
Take a look at the photo linked above and you’ll see some beautiful clean wheels and some very ordinary looking wheel nuts. It’s the same situation with my Monte Carlo (although the wheels themselves could do with a good cleaning), just as it probably is with your car.
Here are the Monte wheels and wheel nuts, photographed before putting the wheel nut covers on around lunchtime today.
Click any of the photos to enlarge…..
In the package, you get 20 of these little plastic wheel nut covers, as well as a tool for getting them off the wheel nut.
Do NOT lose that little tool as you’ll have a very hard time getting the wheel nut covers off without it. Mine went straight into the center console after use today.
Here’s a SU-tool-tip for the similarly unlearned: Use the removal tool to put them on as well. I found my first few attempts to get the covers on ended up like the one below, with the cover jammed in on an angle. There wasn’t enough room around the nut to get my fingers in there and get it on straight. You can use the tool to line the cover up accurately and the press the cover on with your fingers.
Finally, here’s what they look like with the covers on. Much better.
It’s a very cheap and very effective little cosmetic change. Compare the shot below with the the first one and I think you’ll agree the wheels look much tidier with the covers on.
If there was one thing I’d like to change about these, or at least try out, it would be to get a set of these in silver plastic rather than black.
I could always paint them silver, I suppose, but I can see the paint chipping off pretty easily, leaving the covers looking like the nuts underneath.
If you want to get some of these for yourself, the Saab part number is 12771404 and when I said they were cheap, I meant it. This set of 20 caps with the removal tool costs a miserly A$10.50 here in Australia.

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