Quick thoughts at bedtime – iPhone and Saab Museum

It’s late and there’s so much going on, but I just wanted to drop a few quic thoughts and links.
I posted a question last night asking what you’d like to see in an iPhone app for Saab. There were a lot of great comments, though many of them were about Apple software, bluetooth and compatability issues, rather than suggestions for the actual functionality that an iPhone application could provide for Saab owners.
So I got to thinking about it. What would I want from Saab if I had an iPhone? What sort of functionality could it provide that I’d find interesting and useful?
Being a blogger, I’m an information guy. I always love to have information at my fingertips and one of the kicks I get is providing information through the writings here at SU.
For me, it’d be cool to have what would basically amount to a portable electronic owners manual in my phone.
You enter your VIN, or model and year, and the app can provide you with all sorts of handy info. Wheel and tyre sizes, air pressures, lubricant grades; all sorts of handy facts and figures about various model Saabs. How to program the profiler options for your car, for example.
You could have different apps for different models or one big app with all the info and the user selects their model.
It’d be very Saab-nerdy, but it’d also be quite handy for solving arguments over details at the bar after your local Saab Club outing.
Some of the MINI app functionality (see link, above) with regard to roadside assistance would no doubt be handy as well. Perhaps a list of recommended repairers for those who are travelling?
I’m just thinking out loud here. I don’t have an iPhone, but if I did, then that sort of app is something I’d pay my $5 or $15 for (I don’t even know how much these apps sell for).
On completely unrelated matters……
Thumbnail image for Saabs United Historic Rally TeamI’ve just posted a bunch of new videos over at the Saabs United Historic Rally Team website.
Jörgen paid a visit to Trollhattan last weekend, visiting the museum and paying special attention to the Saab 99Turbos there.
There’s a great story I didn’t know about the original 1977 show car from Frankfurt, as well as a good look at the cutaway 99T engine they have on display there.
Work continues on our competition car, too. Painstaking work, actually.

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