Saab 9-5 may be delayed

UPDATE – Union heads in Trollhattan dispute this report from
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Memo to everyone concerned with getting this deal done – PLEASE GET YOUR $#%! TOGETHER – AND SOON!!!
Saab have been working on a reduced production plan for some time. They had hoped to double production a month or so ago and sought government assistance to allow this to happen, but that was knocked back.
Now, in order to preserve funds until the Koenigsegg deal gets done, Saab may have to delay plans for the 9-5s production launch, which was due in th northern Spring next year. reports via Blogo (thanks for the better trans!):

Saab Automobile freeze numbers of development projects to save money. This week the planned launches of several new models were moved into the future. The planned increase in production volumes scheduled for after the holidays is also postponed. Following August 24 production will continue at the low volume level of 100 cars per day.
But the Saab 9-3X will be put into production immediately after the holidays, writes Dagens Industri.
The new 9-5 that was to be launched during spring next year may well be delayed, according to DI.
The reason for these measures is that Saab Automobile will do everything to stay afloat while waiting for the future owner, the Koenigsegg Group, and the Government should agree on the terms of the acquisition of Saab.
Cuts and deferred projects places a number of consultants with major Saab contracts in trouble. Recently Saab consultants Aspinova and Idéteknik Lundgrens have gone bankrupt. A few days ago it was announced that the German technology consultant RHL had put its Swedish subsidiary into bankruptcy.
Consultant Epsilon have previously this year been forced to terminate employees and now expect further cuts among its approximately 1000 vehicle consultants.

I imagine the delay might be related to the delivery and installation of tooling for the 9-5. It’s an expensive proposition and without more certainty over when it can all start, the delay might be the best way for Saab to stretch the money that GM gave them to last the rest of the year.
I hope these people can pull their stuff together soon.

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