Saab Australia giving out Turbo X goodies

Yes, there are still Turbo X’s here for sale in Australia, as there may be in your part of the world, too.
I just got an email from Kurt at Heartland Saab in Sydney about a Turbo X they delivered last Friday. The customer was moving on from a Subaru WRX and Jeep Cherokee.
Saab Australia put together a little Turbo X owners package to go with the car.
From Kurt:

The box Includes a key ring with Carbon Fibre finish (as per the vehicle’s interior), Turbo X Hat, Coffee Thermos, Pen and Driving Gloves.
Also Included was a custom made Turbo X branded car cover, which we put over the car in the showroom before the customer took delivery. It looked great and so many people wanted to know what was under the cover. Its also a great way for the new owner to protect his Turbo X when its parked in his garage.

Of course, we have pictures…..
I’ve seen most of those Turbo X accessories before and have shown the CF keyring (which I reckon is the bees knees, personally) way back when the X’s first started selling.
I hadn’t seen one of those custom covers before, though, and that’s a real genuine bonus item. A good custom car cover can keep the car cleaner for so much longer.
Kurt got an email from the new owner today, and yes, he’s very happy, especially with the car in manual form. Their demonstrator was an auto, so the extra buzz with the manual seems like it must have been a pleasant bonus.

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