Saab Convertible back for 2010?!

In my inbox this morning from a dealer in Europe…..

Hi Steven,
a few hours ago we got the message from Saab (country withheld) …… that the production of the Convertible is going online again from September 21st. And that the car is not gonna be produced in Trollhättan. The production will stay in Graz at Magna for some time. You can order cars from today on.
And the 2010 ‘vert will get the same changes as the 2010 Combi and Sedan. So you can get the TX Package the new 2.0T with 240Hp and so on.

I guess part of the short term cost-watching includes not moving the tooling for the vert for the time being.
More to check on this…. I’m asking around a few dealers in other locations in order to confirm. Email also sent off to Sweden.

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