Saab Convertible orders stalled

As you may know, production of the Saab 9-3 convertible is moving from Magna’s production facility in Graz, Austria, to Saab’s own factory in Trollhattan. This is all part of Saab’s reconstruction plan, which means it’s good 🙂
It’s good news for Saab, but if you’re a convertible buyer planning to go to a Saab dealer tomorrow to order something to your particular specifications, then you’re in for a wait.
I received this via email last night:
Hi Steven,
Just heard from my dealer that from now on it is impossible to order a new 9-3 convertible.
They are taking no more orders for production in Graz.
It will take until at least the end of this year (it could be even spring next year, dealer mentioned a half-year long period) before production will start again. Of course production will be in Trollhättan then.
My dealer ordered one a few days ago, just for stock. He had a client that wanted one and then tried to change the build order. It couldn’t be done, so the client has to take what’s in stock.
This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a new 9-3 cabrio, but contrary to what we are normally used to, you have to take one that is already there. No more build to order.
Kind regards,
As I said, it’s all for the good. It’s just bad luck if you’re after a custom build.
Best go and fall in love with something on the showroom floor.

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