Saab gatherings online

There were two significant Saab gatherings in the last few weeks.
IntSaab 2009
IntSaab 2009 was held in The Netherlands and by all reports was an outstanding success. There were around 500 cars in attendance all up, including one of the six original Saab Sonett Super Sports, which got a full throttle run on the test track (the sound was quite the thing to behold, I’m told).
The IntSaab organisers have put two galleries of photos online.

Here’s a small selection. My congratulations to the organisers of IntSaab in the Netherlands this year.
rolin  0 (18).jpg
rolin  0 (36).jpg
Saab Owners Convention 2009
The SOC for 2009 was held at Copper Mountain, Colorado. Everything I’ve heard so far indicates it was also a great event.
Congratulations to the Rocky Mountain Saab Club on hosting this year’s event.
Ryan over at Saab History has a good review of what went on, complete with video.
In addition to that, you should check out the incredible gallery put up by the New York Saab Owner’s Club. They have over 700 photos there!!! It’s definitely worth checking out.
Again, a sample, but please do make sure you check them out for yourself.

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