Saab-inspired film showing in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island International Film Festival goes from August 4th to August 9. If ou’re anywhere nearby, you might want to check out “I can speak Swedish”
I Can Speak Swedish is an 18 minute short film by a couple of guys from Melbourne, my old home city. The film came to my attention when I received a cutting from today’s newspaper in an email from Saab Australia.
That’s the car and the film makers, above.
Read the story below (just) and you’ll learn that it was the purchase of this car and the discovey of various items in it that inspired the screenplay, which took a mere 2 days to complete.
The film is one of 100 selcted for the short film category of the festival, and because the festival is Oscar-affiliated, they could end up getting nominated if things go well enough.
If you’re into this sort of arty business and you’re anywhere near Rhode Island, then you might want to catch I Can Speak Swedish. It’s playing at a session starting at 6pm on Sunday evening, at the Columbus Theatre Arts Center.

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