Saab Museum movie – take a look at the past before we hear about the future

In just over two hours, GM should issue a press release about the Koenigsegg deal. What we’ve heard overnight from the Swedish media will then be official and we can (hopefully) expect to learn a bit more about Saab’s future.
Before all that happens, though, I’d encourage you to sit back, relax, and take in a short movie about the Saab Museum.
Jorrit is a Saab enthusiast from Holland. He recently recorded the Saab Performance Team’s run at Spa, in Belgium. That film ended up featuring at the Saab Newsroom.
This new film is about his visit to the Saab Museum in Trollhattan, back in July this year. It’s around 8 minutes of Saaby goodness and should get you primed up and in the right mood for all the future stuff we’ll hear about shortly.
Click here to watch the movie.
Great soundtrack, too!
Thanks to Jorrit for the heads-up and to Ted (in comments) for the reminder.

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