Saab Pride – Alcan 900 style

Thumbnail image for Saab Pride The Saab Pride section of the site is where were get to celebrate the things the journos miss. It’s not about numbers and finishes, it’s about living – living with a Saab and occasionally doing extraordinary things.
Dan C and the guys from TeamD did something extraordinary back in February 2008. Here’s the story and some great shots of a great car that (as far as I know) is still running strong today.

Maybe we should have the beauty shots first:
This 1985 900 Turbo was the sole 2WD entrant in the 2008 Winter Alcan rally. The event began near Seattle Washington and traveled well above the Arctic Circle, where this shot was taken at Tuktoyaktuk after driving on the winter ice road on the Beaufort Sea. After over 260 thousand miles, the car is still running strong and competing in rallies in the northwest US
Photographer: Hans Adomeit. Owner: Dan Comden
Saab 900
I had the good fortune to meet Dan last year at the TS Great Pacific Northwest Meetup on the Seattle fringe.
The car was there in all it’s glory and still looked in remarkably good condition for it’s age, mileage and adventures.
For those unaware of the Alcan Winter Rally, this is one serious affair, travelling 5,000 miles heading north through British Columbia and the Yukon before coming back south again and finishing in Jasper, Alberta.
Dan and the team bought this Saab 900 for just $250 in order to compete in the event. The trusty Saab got them home without missing a beat!
Alcan Rally

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