Saab Pride – Bavarian Style

Saab Pride It’s time for another journey into someone’s Saab experience. Despite living a world away, they’re probably just. like. you.
Saab Pride is a chance for you and I to do what much of the motoring press can’t do – explain ‘it’. It’s that subtle difference between having a good car and having a car that comes to mean something to you. Saab people aren’t the only ones who ‘get it’. But we’re the only ones who ‘get it’ with Saabs.
Today’s entry is from Jochen, who as you can already tell from the title of this post, lives in Germany.

When I was a 14-year-old kid in 1985 my parents were looking for a new car to replace their rusty 1978 CITROEN CX. At that time I had read an ad about safety, energy absorbing bumpers, ignition between the seats etc. So I thought the 900 would be a pretty cool family car and forced my parents to go to the local SAAB dealer.
They liked it. But then they realized they only could afford the 90. Unfortunately my sister and I each needed our own door. So my parents decided to buy a 4-door VW Passat, which was cheaper than the 90.
I had to wait and dream my little dream until February 2003 when I could afford to buy this beautiful low mileage 1992 SAAB 900 S sport, 141 hp LPT. Up till now I have loved every minute of owning it!
Due to rumours about a possible speed limit on German autobahn late in 2008, I bought a MY09 9-3 SC 2.0T BP in Jetblack in order to drive 225 km/h before it is too late. J
Jochen A

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