Saab small market sales data – July 2009

If you’ve got your country’s sales data, please feel free to email it to me or drop it in comments. I’ll then add it to the main post area.
It seems like “70% down” is the trend these days. If worldwide sales follow that trend, Saab will end up with just 28,000 sales in 2009.
I guess MY09 owners can always say they have one of the rarest of modern Saabs 🙂
In what is a slightly surprising result, there were 79 Saab sales here in Australia in July.
There were 104 sales in Germany in July, down 70% from the 343 in the same month last year.
Whilst German total market sales are actually quite bouyant at the moment, most of that is scrappage sales, and I believe it’s the small car market that’s benefitting the most from that.
Thanks Alexandros!
There were just 24 Saab sales in Finland in July.
So far in 2009, there have been 255 sales in total, down from 952.
Thanks Tuomas!
179 Saab sales in the Italian market during July. Down by 57% from the 420 sold in the same month last year.
There have been 1,438 Saab sales so far this year, down just over 50% from the 3,038 in the same period last year.
Thanks Florent!
The Dutch market is still getting back on its feet after the prior importer declared bankruptcy.
That there were just 17 Saabs sold in July is therefore not totally unexpected.
Thanks Joost!
We don’t have comparative data for Norway, but there were 28 Saab 9-3s sold in July and there have been 198 sold so far this year.
There were 5 Saab 9-5s sold in July and there have been 57 sold so far this year (which is still more than the Mini Clubman. I’m not sure why that’s important).
Thanks to Tore, who just bought his first Saab and is in love!

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