Saab speak on the situation in Canada

A few days ago, I covered the apparent shuttering of Saab’s sales operations in Canada, scheduled by GM for December 31st.
I’ve received a quick message from Saab Sweden about this subject.
Q: What is happening with Saab in Canada?
A: GM announced earlier this year that it would focus its resources on 4 core brands and as such has decided to cease its Saab operations in Canada.
Q. What will happen to existing Saab customers in Canada?
A. GM and Saab will work together to stand behind Saab customers. Existing customers will have their immediate service, parts and warranty needs satisfied through an existing network of GM dealers across Canada. Current Saab owners will be notified of a transition plan to ensure that customer service, parts and warranty services are continued in the future in a satisfactory manner.
Q:Are any Saab future operations planned in Canada under new ownership?
A: Recently GM signed a Stock Purchase Agreement with Koenigsegg Group AB for the purchase of Saab Automobile AB. The closing of the sale is expected in the next months. Saab and the Koenigsegg Group AB are currently in the process of formulating its global operations plan. Upon completion of that plan Saab will share their intentions with respect to its future plans for the Canadian market.
Q: Is what’s being discussed with respect to Canada typical of what will happen in other markets where Saabs are marketed primarily in GM dealerships?
A: There are currently no plans like this for other markets.
As mentioned previously, it sounds like this is something to be expected as part of GM’s parting with Saab, which has always been expected on December 31.
I guess it will be up to the Koenigsegg Group to find a new importer/distributor to establish a retail chain external to the existing GM channels.
Ever wanted to be a Saab dealer? Now could be your time……

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