Saab Speedster – bring sunglasses

Just when you think the Saab world is a pretty small one and you think you’ve seen just about everything…..
The Saab Speedster.
Photos attributed as requested to Grafikdesigns
The writeup on this car was originally done in 2007 and to be honest, there’s not much there on the car itself. The story seems to be more about the owner, one Vincent Villanueva.
It seems Mr V owned a Saab dealership, along with a few other brands. How he acquired the car is not mentioned, but as of 2007 the dealership moved to his daughter’s care and presumably he’s enjoying the Basque countryside in his one-off Saab 2-seater.
The car is said to be based on a 1984 Saab 900 but Mr V acquired it in the mid-1990s.
SaabRobz, as well as providing the Speedster link, above, has also traced the likely source of the vehicle.
It seems Swedish magazine Tekniken’s Varld had a number of project cars they followed over the years, and this is most likely one of them. They mention the name Mellberg, which makes sense as Leif Mellberg is known for making some highly customised cars out of Saab 900s. This one, for example.
Thanks SaabRobz!!

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