Saab Sweden to reveal the 2010 Saab 9-5 online?

The countdown clock has now been removed from the Saab Sweden site.
My guess is someone might have pressed a button a little early, and that we might see it again around September 8th….
With thanks to those in comments, here’s how the Saab Sweden website looks right now:
The text reads as follows:

Wait is almost over.
Scandinavian simplicity has never been this advanced.
New Saab 9-5 will be presented by Saab chief designer Simon Padian shortly
Follow the latest news on Saab.

That time clock would have the car shown (and I’m assuming it will be an online event) in just under a week from now, which would be in the early morning of Thursday, August 27.
That’s almost 2 weeks ahead of it’s planned debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 15, but who’s counting?
Here’s a tip for those who haven’t seen it.
The car supposedly under that cloth – unless they’re playing games with us all, of course, should look like this.

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