Saab wave update

I won’t be doing this every commute, but….
This morning:
Saab 9000 – male driver. I wavaed and there was a movement of the hand at the corresponding moment. I thought it could be a wave, but Electro-Man riding with me to work, thought it was a head scratch.
Saab 9000 – female driver, possibly dropping the kids off to school. I waved and there was no recognition evident.
Score – 0.5 out of 2.
UPDATE – Lunchtime:
Saab 9-3 – no recognition. 3 lanes apart on bridge.
Saab 9000 – no recognition. 2 lanes apart with traffic.
Saab 900 – no recognition. 3 lanes apart at busy city roundabout.
Not many Saabs about today, to be honest. But I’ll keep trying. I’m determined to get at least one Saab return wave today!!

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