Saabs United Historic Rally Team

This is something I’ve wanted to be involved with for a long time now. I can’t tell you just how exciting this is for me to be involved with.
When I decided to archive Trollhattan Saab and came up with the name Saabs United for a new site, it was meant for something exactly like this – something that gave a wider Saab community the chance to watch, share and participate in a big Saab project.
It gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of the Saabs United Historic Rally Team!
The aim of the team is build at least one, perhaps two, vehicles to compete in the Rally to the Midnight Sun in 2010, with an eye towards the Monte Carlo historic rally as well.
We have already purchased three vehicles, with an eye towards building two competition cars from these. The cars will all be Saab 99 Turbos when they’re finished, replicas of Stig Blomqvist’s car from the 1978 Lombard RAC Rally.
The Rally to the Midnight Sun (Midnattssolsrallyt) is now run as an historic rally. In 2010 it will feature cars built before 1981.
As you may know, the 2009 event was held in July and the winner of that event, only announced last week due to some late penalties, was none other than the man who made our base vehicles famous – Stig Blomqvist!
We plan to take you all the way – from the purchase of the vehicles that happened just last week, to the transformation of those vehicles and then on to the event itself. You’ll be with us every step of the way.
Eggs and I are both playing an active role as partial financial supporters of this effort. We’ll also be administering the website set up for the team, which we hope you’ll use to follow the build and the general preparations for the event. We both hope to travel to Sweden next year to crew with the team as well – it’s going to be a fantastic experience!
Jorgen Saab SportWhilst SaabsUnited’s name is written at the top of the website, the real hard work will be done by the core of the team on the ground in Sweden: our driver and co-driver, Jörgen Trued and Bo Janzon.
Those of you with reasonable memories will be famliar with Jörgen’s name as we covered a little of his 2009 rally effort. In that event, he was driving his Saab 96 V4 Monte Carlo – which was the very first car he ever bought, by the way.
Jörgen and Bo came sixth in their class in the 2009 rally, but only half a second away from fourth position.
We hope to go a few places better in 2010 and might even look for a position on the podium!
There’s a lot of work to be done before that can happen, though.
We have sourced the cars already, but there are a lot parts to find and a LOT of wrenching remains to get at least one, and hopefully two, vehicles ready to roll in 2010.
If you are able to provide some help or support for the team, we invite you to do so and would welcome contact from you. There are lots of parts to find for the build, for starters, and we have them listed over at the website.
Sponsorship opportunities are also available for corporate financial support. All interest is welcome. Please don’t think that your contribution may be too small. ALL supporters will be recognised on the cars.
This is a project that we want to give everyone access to. The aim is to try to re-live some of Saab’s former glory and share it for everyone to enjoy, to the greatest extent possible.
We hope that you will join us.
Please start by visiting the Saabs United Historic Rally Team website. There’s heaps of information already there about the rally, the history, the car and the team.
There’s a lot more to come, too. Look who we paid a visit on yesterday!
It’s the original Stig – Mr Blomqvist himself!!

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