SOC 2009 mini-gallery

Many thanks to Greg Abbott for shooting through a few photos from SOC2009, which was on over the weekend at Copper Mountain, Colorado.
If you see yourself or your car in any of these, shout out in comments and let us know!
You can view more of Greg’s photos from the event here.
To start – a great graphic for this years conference. Kudos to the image guy.
This Sonett creates a very interesting look, wearing some original Incas from the 99T on the autocross. I like the combination a lot.
Dinner is served. Friday night.
A nice arty closeup of a yellow, Saab 9-3 Viggen

And what might well be the same car on the autocross run.
Not surprisingly, the original Saab Sonett Super Sport gets the attention…
A custom Saab utility vehicle….


Gary Stottler, a name that’ll be familiar to many from the US (at least) discusses a Saab 99T. Gary’s been involved in many restorations of Saabs over the years, most notably for the Heritage Collection.
And a look at that 99T badge – best turbo badge ever.
Some KoenigSaab support on display.
Some running repairs……
I’m not sure if this is Greg’s own convertible or if he flew in, but it sure makes for a nice photo.

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