The Theme Song in Swade’s 2009 Soundtrack

Well, as all of you regular readers know, our intrepid host, Steven Wade, has seen the light and admitted that his dalliance with the Mazda MX-5 was disappointing and, well, a little less satisfying than his first love, the Saab 99 Turbo.
And I quote:

…the MX-5 just doesn’t ignite any passion within me. It’s a lot of things, but an automotive aphrodisiac is not one of them. Not for me, at least.
… I have learned that I should have waited for the Monte to become the fun car I tried to acquire with the MX-5. That would have left garage space and a whole pile of money for the car I believe will really satisfy my Saab lust – another 99 Turbo.

Note the words used — “ingite”, “passion”, “aphrodisiac”, “lust”.
It’s a tall order to come up with a theme song that sums all of this up. One that requires the right words, the right tone and the right level of melodrama. I think that I’ve found it. And frankly, I’m surprised that I didn’t make the connection before.
So, for what it’s worth, this song is dedicated to Steven in Hobart. Everything’s going to turn out fine…. (after the jump)

That’s right, in all of it’s smarmy glory, none other than Toto’s 99, a prog rock ballad exemplar, sums up Swade’s situation like none other.
*sniff* *choke* It’s so….beautiful. *sniff*
The lyrics:

I’ve been waiting so long
Oh 99
Where did we go wrong
Oh 99
I love you
I keep breaking your heart
Oh 99
How can we be apart
Oh 99
I love you
I never thought it would happen
I feel quite the same
I don’t want to hurt you anymore
I never knew it would work out
No one to blame
You know i love you 99
You keep holding my hand
Oh 99
They don’t know who i am
Oh 99
I love you

It’s almost as if Toto had some prophetic vision way back in 1979.

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