Thursday Night Quick Snippets – Opel done edition

This’ll be quick, as you’ll need all day to read the Auto Motor and Sport article below.
Apparently all issues between GM and Magna have been resolved and the Opel deal is done.

Magna and its Russian partner Sberbank have reached an agreement in principle with General Motors’ management over a contract to buy a stake in GM’s European unit Opel, Magna Co-Chief Executive Siegfried Wolf told Reuters on Thursday
The boards of directors of GM and Canadian automotive group Magna still need to approve a deal before trustees who control a 65 percent stake in Opel can give their final consent.

Now they can get on with the Saab transaction?
Thanks Till!
Saab GB has a subscription page where you can sign up for the latest info about the 2010 Saab 9-5 as news arises.
Vehix rates the Saab 9-3 amongst it’s Top 10 Luxury vehicles under $35,000 for 2009.
Thanks Stephen!
Now scroll down to Gunnar’s AMS report – sensational!

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