Thursday Quick Snippets – Industry edition

These snippets aren’t so much about what’s happening in Saab-land, more like what’s happening around it.
Are BMW showing another hatchback concept in Frankfurt?
And more from BMW – plans to introduce another nameplate specifially for electric vehicles.

The company will stick with its existing BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce marques, but Reithofer revealed that the board has voted to create a sub-brand for electric vehicles. This new sub-brand will be similar to BMW’s seperate marketing of the “M” line of vehicle, will be targeted at urban drivers and include a two wheeler. The first of these new vehicles will likely start appearing sometime around 2012-13.

This is of interest to Saabers because you might remember from the Auto Motor and Sport article last week, that Saab may be looking to partner with BMW on what would be the Saab 9-1. The 2013 timeframe sits well with that plan, too.
Speaking of 2013, the head of Toyota in South Africa predicts that 2013 will be a pretty good year for the car industry.
All companies have to do now is survive that long!
This is a really good read for the hardcore industry watchers out there, going into reasons for the current crisis, responses to it, and what’s going to have to happen in the future.
Andy Rupert finds out why the rear-facing seats in Volvo wagons are just for kids….
And as an aside, have you ever ridden in one of those rear facing seats? I had a ride in friend’s Saab 95 with a rear facing seat once, and it’s a wonder kids don’t end up throwing up all over the place.
It’s not a good place to be.
Jerry Flint from Forbes takes a look at some of the brands at risk of withdrawing from the US market.

Two others on the endangered list are Swedish Saab and Volvo, which is particularly sad. Saab sales were down to 5,000 in the first half. Personally, I love Saabs. Consumer Reports recommends both cars (the 9-3 and 9-5). But Saab was bought by GM, probably the worst thing that can happen to a car company–except to be bought by Ford, which is even worse. Saab has been sold to a Swedish carmaker but survival still is a question.

It’s frustrating at the moment, but I think we’ll be OK, Jerry.
And finally, some culture.
A band from the US called Goes Cube with their song called “Saab Sonett”.
It’s heavy, it has a moody filmclip that doesn’t relate to the song at all, and there’s definitely no Sonetts to be seen.
Not recommended, but feel free if you wish. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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