Thursday Snippets – crash

Hey all. Long time, no write. Sorry about that, but the body called time-out last night so I got a regular night’s sleep.
I’ve just picked up a goodie-bag from Saab Australia this morning. It included some leather cleaner, window washer fluid, the all-important wheel nut covers, and a few other bits and pieces.
I’ll be trying all these out in the next little while and reviewing the process here. Am looking forward to it!
The other thing that’s arrived this week is my new air filter for the Monte Carlo. I ordered from Elkparts last month (tip: don’t order things that have to come in from Sweden during July – the whole country takes the month off!).
I’ll fit that on the weekend and am looking forward to the Darth Vader-esque soundtrack ๐Ÿ™‚
New Salem Saab have photoshopped a new logo for their electronic mailouts ๐Ÿ™‚
New Salem Saab Combined Logo.jpg
Thanks to Magnus for forwarding to me this graphic from a Norwegian newspaper.
The big question now is who picks up Bishop’s share.
The question mark next to Fabela’s name should be a zero. To this point he hasn’t put up money for an ownership stake, but is the Chairman of the Koenigsegg Group.
I’d be surprised if he doesn’t put up money soon.
Note to Simon Padian, Bard Eker and whoever else is going to be involved in the future design team at Saab.
This comes from Go Auto here in Australia and refers to the launch of the new Mondeo range.

FORD says the discontinuation of the Mondeo sedan will not impact sales of its revised and expanded MB series that was launched in hatch and wagon versions launched last week.
Ford Australia vice president for sales and marketing Beth Donovan said buyers of the previous Mondeo tended to choose the more practical and better-looking five-door hatch.

Thanks PT!

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