Tuesday Snippets – Digital edition

Wow. Do I have some pics to post later, or what?!
12 hours. Nothing you’ll ever drive, but something you can dribble over as you ponder what could have been. Djup Strupe hit a nice big juicy one this time.
Last night I posed the question about Saabs and potential iPhone apps.
This morning there’s a guy at Wired.com who’s found a nice in-built iPhone holder in his Saab 9-5.
It seems that guy with the lost keys is determined to pay for them by writing about them and getting it published everywhere.
Today, he pops up on ESPN – and still doesn’t mention that it’s only $1000 because he lost both sets of keys rather than getting a new one when his first set went missing.
I guess the Swedish press aren’t the only one who like to slant a story.
Saab dealers are having to diversify a little to get through what is obviously a tough time. Whilst they’re not diversifying in the way that some Hummer dealers are, it’s good to see some innovation and hard work from these guys.
Shaw Saab in Norwell, Mass, are promoting their Driven Perfection car detailing business. They’ve made a little movie about it on Youtube and I’m pleased to pass it on here at SU.
Some users have officulty watching video here at Saabs United, so please click here to watch the video directly on YouTube.

With decades of experience in Auto Detailing, a tried and true work ethic and utilizing only the most advanced products available, Shaw Saab Driven Perfection is committed to provide our Clients with the highest quality Auto Detailing and Window Tinting services available.
Driven Perfection Defined:
drive-en: adjective,
“being under compulsion as to succeed or excel”
per-fec-tion: noun,
“the highest degree of proficiency, skill or excellence, as in some art”
From a basic Hand Car Wash to a Complete Interior & Exterior Detail, we treat every vehicle as if it were our very own.
The Services we offer:

  • Interior and Exterior Detailing
  • Expert Window Tinting
  • Roadblock Paint Protection
  • Paintless Dent Removal

Am currently considering window tinting for the Monte Carlo…….. it’s a pity I’m not nearby.

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