UPDATE – Saab wheel nut covers

Over the weekend I posted a product review for the genuine Saab wheel nut covers.
Here’s a quote from that review:

If there was one thing I’d like to change about these, or at least try out, it would be to get a set of these in silver plastic rather than black.

capsani.gifIt’s just come to my attention that site sponsor, State of Nine, has that wish covered. The animation on the left shows the black covers, but there’s a picture of the silver ones below.
State of Nine sell sets of wheel nut covers and you get a range of choices that will cover all color wishes and model types. They sell the black type that I tried out on my Monte Carlo, as well as selling a range of silver (chrome) wheel nut covers, too.
In addition, you can specify whether your car has 4 wheel nuts per wheel or 5, and you’ll get a set of either 16 or 20 to suit your vehicle.
Of course, they also include the removal tool and these covers come with free shipping in the United States.
Click here to visit the State of Nine wheel nut covers product page.

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