V-Cockpit app for iPhone gets run in Turbo X

We talked a little about iPhone apps last week and now here’s one in action.
It’s not Saab-specific, but there’s some definite Saab-linkage potential. The V-Cockpit app, as the name suggests, puts a little cockpit into your iPhone screen.
It uses the GPS, compass and accelerometers in the iPhone to move the instruments and control the sound effects. As you’ll see in the video, when it’s hooked up with the phone connection in your car and exporting the sound through the car’s speakers, the effect is quite something.
The video was shot by Jorgen Trued, our main main in the Saabs United Historic Rally Team.

The app is available from the usual Apple source, for a cost of around $2.
Cheap fun, and somehow very Saaby 🙂

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