Wednesday Night Snippets

Amidst all the frustration we’re feeling, there are signs of life on the Koenigsegg-Saab deal.
Dkup Strupe tells me that the K-Segg movers and shakers have been in the US this week, which is significant in that the GM board were meeting for the first time this week since emerging from bankruptcy.
Further to this, Swedish Radio tell us that there will be K-Segg meetings back at home in Sweden later this week:

Saab’s future is determined by the negotiations taking place between General Motors and Koenigsegg Group, discussions are extremely secretive. So far, however, the negotiations as intended, it says Paul Åkerlund, klubbordförande for IF Metall in Saab in Trollhättan.
– Hopefully, we see the results of this in the near future, “says Åkerlund to Radio West.
– My impression is that they have a high work tempo.
Saab information officers, Gunilla Gustavs says that Saab is pleased so far, and she says that discussions are progressing. Mer vill hon inte kommentera. More wishes she did not comment.
According to data from Koenigsegg as Koenigsegg Group will meet for meetings at the end of this week.

Potential good news for UK Saabers looking for a lease.

ALD Automotive will manage GM’s own lease operations, which include Vauxhall Leasing, Saab Contract Hire and Chevrolet Lease, from the end of the month.
Masterlease had managed the operations for the past eight years but cracks in the agreement between the two companies became apparent when Masterlease stopped writing new Saab business in March.
Despite other lease companies renewing their Saab business at the end of June Masterlease kept its Saab order book closed.
Now General Motors UK (GMUK) has moved the contract over to ALD, which will see the country’s tenth largest lease company manage the entire GM UK leasing operation.

I’m going to do something rare around here and pat GM on the back for this as well.
The ability to lease a vehicle is an important sales carrot for dealers working with business customers and the inclusion of Saab into the lease list will be a major gain for UK dealers.
I know that US dealers are hurting, too, due to a lack of lease availability. Here’s hoping that some of the US banks start to view Saab favourably once again, too.
The other takeaway from this the further evidence that Saab’s systems may be tied into GM’s systems for some time to come. This announcement so close to Saab’s sale indicates such, much like the recent advertising announcement.
That has it’s good and bad sides, but I guess we have to trust that some of those decision makers know what they’re doing.
Thanks Per!
And here’s a brief note that I found interesting for writers….
The Wall Street Journal will no longer honour embargoes on stories, unless it is a story they get as an exclusive.
This is, of course, not directly related to the car business, but it’s an interesting development that reflects the electronic age that we live in.
Embargoes had their place when print ruled the world. Recent events with the 2010 Saab 9-5 images tend to show that they don’t work in the internet age.
Yet another reason why Saab should consider what I’ve been saying all along – that they should control their own newsflow and relationships with enthusiasts.

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