Who’s doing what in the next month or so?

The next six weeks offer some big events for Saab fans in different parts of the world.
IntSaab 2009
It’s a little late to ask who’s going to IntSaab, as the people attending are either already there, or in transit. IntSaab is on from August 7 to 9 (i.e. this weekend).
IntSaab will not only bring Saab nuts from Europe together to celebrate their common automotive interests, it will also serve as a 50th birthday bash for the Saab Club Nederland, which is the oldest Saab Club in the world. Organisers are expecting over 400 cars and around 700 people to attend.
I’ve got a few friends that I know are on their way to IntSaab, and probably a few more that I don’t know about. Hopefully we’ll get some photos filtering through after the weekend.
NOTE: If you didn’t register for IntSaab but you’re nearby and want to visit, you can get a day-pass for some Saturday events. Entry to the parts sale and vehicle show on Sunday is free and open to all. See the IntSaab website for details.
Saab Owners Convention 2009
In the US, the 2009 SOC is almost here. It’s on from August 13-16 and is being hosted by the Rocky Mountain Saab Club at Copper Mountain, Colorado.
Saab History tells us that the deadline for registrations is on August 8 – this Saturday. There will be 47 pallets of spare parts being shipped in from various parts of the US, so it could be a bonanza for restorers.
And don’t forget the live auction that will be held during the SOC. Items up for sale are actually online for you to bid on now, including several very tidy vintage Saabs (I’ll take the Sonett II, thanks).
2009 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA)
As big as those two event will be, perhaps this is the Big Daddy of the lot. The IAA will be open to the press on September 15th and 16th, to industry on the 17th and 18th, and then it throws the doors open to the public until the 27th September.
Saab and Koenigsegg together? Maybe.
The 2010 Saab 9-5 on display – definitely.
The Frankfurt Motor Show will be significant in that it will mark a new beginning for Saab with an all-new flagship vehicle to lead the way. Sure, the road after this will be long, but the starting line is a place to celebrate.
So who’s going?
I know we have a lot of Europeans visiting here. Surely a few of you must be considering making the trip?

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