2010 Saab 9-5 brochure online

Saab’s Norwegian site has a brochure for the 2010 Saab 9-5 available online.
It’s in PDF format and available here.
There’s some great photography in there that we haven’t seen yet, including this image showing some of the imagery available via the head-up display.
The brochure is all written in Norwegian, of course. Fortunately, we have Arild with us, and he not only found the brochure, he has also provided a translation of the salient points.

  • A snow crystal is the innovative force behind the new 9-5
  • DriveSense road handling system with comfort, intelligent and sport setting will affect the damping, steering, engine, automatic gearbox and torque distribution in the XWD system
  • EcoPower is making a comeback, now as Saabs environmental trademark
  • The special design of the lower parts of the side panels (I guess they mean the vents behind the front wheels and the design on the lower part of the doors) reduce the drag
  • Lane assistant which will alarm the driver when the car is going out of the lane (in speeds over 60km/h)
  • Illumination in the cockpit is done by several LED units
  • Keyless entry
  • Harman/kardon speaker system with 11 speakers
  • Pilot HUD projects speed, navigation info, temperature and warnings on the windshield
  • Road sign recognition
  • Bi-Xenons with SmartBeam which goes automatic from high beams to low beams
  • Parking assistance with sensor in the front, back and on the sides

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