99 reasons to paint it black

Now that my MX-5 has been sold, it’s time to get busy planning for the 99 Turbo I’ve bought and Mike900’s given me a little food for thought.
Of course, 99 Turbos are nothing new as black was a standard color from the factory on the 99T in the late 1970s. Nonetheless, it’s just good to have a look at what could be.
This is a 99 Turbo in Cardinal Red, which is the original color on the car I’ve bought.
And Mike900 has done a little photochopping after I mentioned I wouldn’t mind painting mine in Jet Black metallic, a-la the Saab 9-3 Turbo X.
Normally I wouldn’t contemplate a color change, but the car I’ve bought will need some rust repair and a full repaint, so if it’s got to be repainted anyway, why not rebuild the car the way I’d really like it to be?
It’ll be more work and a bit more expense, but the end product may be well worth the trouble.

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